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The SIMA app on your smart phone communicates with a tablet in an office lobby via bluetooth beacons and streamlines the registration and checkin process when you go to off-site meetings.

A software solution that lets you pre-register prior to arriving at a location and check-in with your smart phone, like being in the airport security fast lane.

SIMA is an ecosystem of smart devices and people that engages, empowers, and connects individuals.


Beacons function well inside buildings and do not consume a great deal of battery life, unlike global positioning systems (GPS) and near field communications (NFC) technologies.

Beacons are one-way transmitters that broadcast unique identifiers that tell your smartphone what they are. They’re kind of like URLs (website addresses) in the physical world.

Beacons are Bluetooth low energy (BLE) devices that transmit information using Bluetooth technology.

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